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Altar Call
Have you accepted Jesus Christ?
Altar Call

Christian Heroes-Past and Present

Brother Sun, Sister Moon
Saint Francis of Assisi

Cassie Bernall-Heroine of the Faith
Cassie Bernall

The Nine Day Queen of England
Lady Jane Grey

Jonathan: An Unlikely but Faithful Friend.

Mother Teresa "Heaven has gained a new Star:
a star of great servanthood and humility!"
Mother Teresa

Paul Claudel: Defender of the Faith
Paul Claudel

Todd Beamer: Hero of the Faith,
"You Ready Guys? Okay Let's Roll!"

Martin Burnham: Hero of the Faith
Martin Burnham

By Rebekah Johnston

Psychological Disorders & Spirituality
Our Fight With Or Flight From God

When Disruptive Moments Come into Your Life Rejoice in it!"

Critique of Loves Executioner

Biography of Rebekah Johnston
Rebekah's Biography

By Gena Kelley

True Stories From Gena
My Journey With Him

The Cross: For Sinners and Those Sinned Against

Dr.Robert Spitzer's Report:

Some Gays Can Change

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